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Get a WordPress Website with e-performa.net

We develop WordPress sites for our e-performa.net subscribers to give them the opportunity to boost their careers and/or projects to another level. Since we are dance performers and also WordPress site developers for many years, we’ve decided to offer, for nothing, websites development with a market value of hundreds of euros or more. Here you just have to join the club to start showing off your own website.

What do we Offer?
We Develop Professional WordPress Website for individuals, groups or projects.
We Host your site in our Server. You don’t have to pay for it.
We add your site to CLoudFlare.com for a secure and faster site.
We add any plugin you would like.
We optimise your site for SEO.
We give you technical Support.
We use your own domain name.
What do we need from you?
Just to be an e-performa.net subscriber. Subscribe Now
Your own domain name.
Send us, well organized, the content for your website and keep in contact with us during the development process.
Invite a least 3 persons/institutions to be an e-performa.net subscribers.
Just that!

I want my site. How do I start?
Just contact us mentioning that you want your site. Tell us a little bit about your dream website and why you would like to have it.
Mention to us also the WordPress theme that you would like to use. Could be one of the themes listed below or another.
Give us the email account associated with your e-performa.net subscription.

WordPress Themes
We develop your site with WordPress Themes. We use only Responsive Theme to make sure that your site looks great in any devices. Learn more about WordPress themes here.

All the Free Themes listed below have been tested by us. We are continuously searching for Themes suitable for the performing arts and testing them, so we will add more in the future… You can also suggest us a Free or Paid Theme.

Note: The Themes below can be modified according to your content and desired design. They can be developed for individuals or collectives.

Front Page Full Image Themes:

Lesa Theme Demo

Shuttershot Theme
Wallbase Theme

One Page Themes:

Sydney Theme Demo

Himalayas Theme Demo
Gaga Lite Theme Demo



What is WordPress?
WordPress is a content management system to create simple blog and fully functional websites and mobile applications. According to a recent survey, 26% of all websites globally use WordPress. Due to  it’s robust features and flexibility WordPress is used for many top brands to power their websites including but not limited to: CNN, Wired.com, Time Magazine, TED,…
It is very important not to confuse WordPress.org with wordpress.com. The latter one is a commercial site where you can host and create your own website whilst WordPress.org, the one we use, is a free web software built and managed by a community volunteers used to create websites and blogs.
Visit WordPress.org